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JUNE 2023
Drift Reign - Gameplay Teaser
Drift Reign
Coming in 2023 on
What we do

We create games.

Our company has many activities, but our dearest endeavour is game development, this is what gives us goosebumps, what keeps us awake at midnight (pun intended) and what unfolds our creativity at it’s maximum potential.
40 millions downloads
Hashiriya Drifter
80 millions downloads
Cop Watch
30 millions downloads
Truck Simulator
30 millions downloads
Midnight Drifter
12 millions downloads
40 millions downloads
Rider Among Dead
10 millions downloads
JDM Racer
8 millions downloads
Kanjozoku レーサー
20 millions downloads
Taxi Simulator
10 million downloads
Car Parking
6 millions downloads
Firefighter Sim
4 millions downloads
and many more...
Who we are

Midnight.Works is a holding company.

At least that’s what we like to label ourselves as, since we do much more than gamedev. To to put it out in a few words, we would say that we are a company of many activities, investing resources in new businesses.
Our team

Our fantastic team.

Our team is made up of 200 remarkable individuals from around the world, each with their own unique role but united by a shared mission across our company.
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Roman Gaina
Cătălin Țiței
Victor Bivol
Midnight.Works leadership

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